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Testimonials from some of our students. Additional references available on request.

The classes really helped me clear doubts

GMAT Group Course (2 students)

I have to say the GMAT was not an easy test to take and so different from what I experienced before. The classes I attended at GAIN ACCESS helped me a lot.. The teacher gave us tools, approaches, guidelines, knowledge.. Basically everything we needed to master the GMAT. The classes really helped me clear doubts I would have and more importantly they made me realize why I made a specific mistake. Let's be honest GMAT is full of tricky questions, there is a method to know and the classes with Tim really helped me acquiring this method. The test is also a lot about time & stress management, and Tim was a real help & support! For all of these reasons, I would strongly recommend the classes at GAIN ACCESS. These classes will give you the needed tools & help to master the GMAT and get into your dream school :)

Sophie Vasak