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Testimonials from some of our students. Additional references available on request.

Video testimonial/feedback on our GMAT Prep Course in Prague »

The classes really helped me clear doubts  »

GMAT Group Course (2 students)

I have to say the GMAT was not an easy test to take and so different from what I experienced before. The classes I attended at GAIN ACCESS helped me a lot.. The teacher gave us tools, approaches, guidelines, knowledge.. Basically everything we needed to master the GMAT. The classes really helped me clear doubts I would have and more importantly they made me realize why I made a specific mistake. Let's be honest GMAT is full of tricky questions, there is a method to know and the classes with Tim really helped me acquiring this method. The test is also a lot about time & stress management, and Tim was a real help & support! For all of these reasons, I would strongly recommend the classes at GAIN ACCESS. These classes will give you the needed tools & help to master the GMAT and get into your dream school :)

Sophie Vasak

Encouraging attitude and professionalism »

GMAT and TOEFL Prep Courses

For the first time, I used individual services offered by Gain Access during my preparation for the TOEFL exam. As I wasn't time flexible, I was looking for an individual course. My experience was very positive, both in terms of time flexibility and style of teaching. Two years later, I needed to prepare myself for the GMAT exam. Due to my previous experience, I decided to use the GMAT Preparation course from Gain Access. Again, I appreciated time flexibility thanks to which I could have taken courses also during weekends. I was provided with lots of materials and useful tips which helped me get orientated in individual sections of the GMAT exam in a very short time and therefore made my preparation easier. Apart from the above, I would like to highlight prompt communication as well as encouraging attitude and professionalism. I was admitted for MBA studies in the USA.

Petra Vlková

Video - Student's feedback on our GMAT preparation course »

Video - Student's feedback on our GMAT prep course »

GMAT Preparation »

The service from was an essential part of my preparation for the GMAT exam. The teacher was flexible so I could fit the lessons around my busy schedule.

We covered the fundamentals quickly and effectively, and my confidence grew step by step as the classes focused on drilling increasingly difficult questions under time pressure. I had more than enough material to practice.

The explanations from the teacher were vital for me so that i managed to gradually reduce the number of errors i was making and to spot the correct answers quickly.

The additional support via email helped me to stay focused and motivated to push myself harder. I achieved a score of 660 and 6 on the essays.

~ BBA Denisa Dočkalová, Obchodni reditel, ICB, a.s., Brno

GMAT Prep Course helped me achieve 650 at the first attempt » helped me achieve a score of 650 on the GMAT at the first attempt. The course not only involved covering the fundamentals of each section contained in the GMAT exam, but also regular practice of increasing difficulty, and drilling under time pressure to enhance my strengths and remove my weaknesses. Despite my very busy professional and personal life, we were able to adapt the time and even location of the lessons to fit my schedule. The depth of material and knowledge provided during the course, along the with continuous pushing and motivation by the teacher, helped me through the whole learning process. I entered the exam as confident and as prepared as i could have been, with some very useful tips and tricks, and can only recommend the services of I am currently at the EMBA school of my choice.

~ Jakub Jícha, Project Manager, Logica Czech Republic s.r.o.

GMAT Prep Course Resulted in Admission to Two Top Business Schools »

After some preparation by myself my first attempt at GMAT achieved a score of 590; I needed to get to the 670+ range to be eligible for the top schools. A friend of mine advised me to take a GMAT preparation course. As a professional advisor myself I know the value added by a consultant. One does not need to reinvent the wheel and it's better to learn from mistakes made by others than by one's own.

The tutor (Tim) carefully guided me over the entire course and, in addition to the factual GMAT preparation, he also provided psychological help to hone my GMAT mindset. I really appreciated that Tim could accommodate to my work schedule, even giving classes over the weekend.

We mostly worked on the Verbal part and my score climbed to 680 on the GMAT and to 114 from 104 on the TOEFL. The higher scores provided an edge in my application and I have been accepted to both INSEAD and Oxford Said business schools.

~ Milan, Mergers and Acquisitions Consultant

GMAT, TOEIC, and Business English Courses »

"I recommend services of – their courses helped me to improve communication skills for day-to-day use of English. I really feel more confident now when I have to speak with my Irish clients on the phone or when we organise important meetings with English natives. The teacher also helped me a lot to tackle specific exams like TOEIC and the GMAT. We focused on the methodology necessary to be as efficient as possible. And the results are there: I reached my targets with 975 in the TOEIC and 600 in the GMAT (74% in the Verbal part)."

~ Yoann Cozette, Financial director, Vinci Constraction Prague

Intensive Business English Course »

"When I decided to change my employer, and to try to pursue a career in an international company, I realized that I had to change the way in which I had been learning English if I want to be successful in an interview. Fortunately, I found out about Using his own experience from international companies, my teacher focused our lessons on the subject of entrance [job] interviews, and within a short time he had me prepared. My first "international" interview was successful. I think I pretty much owe my current career in international companies to company."

~ Martin Havlík, AES Bohemia spol. s.r.o.

Intensive Business English Course »

"I would like to recommend the services of and their intensive business English preparation course for presentations, meetings and negotiations. The knowledge I received, not only when working for an international corporation, but also with my own company, enabled me to enter meetings and negotiations with confidence and total preparedness with regard to my English skills."

~ K. Bartosova, Owner, Reonis s.r.o.