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GMAC Conducts Contest to Improve Graduate Management Education

Posted: Aug 1, 2010

What one idea would improve graduate management education? This is the question posed by GMAC in its global competition, which begins July 21, 2010, and which is open to all!

The closing date is October 8, 2010, and all entries should be one idea, explained in three paragraphs. The 15 winners will be announced in time for Christmas. You should send your ideas to GMAC via the MET (Management Education for Tomorrow) Fund’s Ideas to Innovation (I2I) Challenge at ».

The next phase of this special project will begin in 2011 upon the publication of the winning ideas, when business schools and nonprofit organisations will be asked to come up with ways of implementing them. The MET fund will subsequently be given $10 million to invest worldwide into one or more of the winning ideas.

The Director of the MET fund, Allen Brandt, explained that anyone with a great idea to take management education forward should recognise the timely nature of the challenge, with regard to empowering others through the spirit of social entrepreneurship.

Ideas need to be easy to understand, achievable and bring measurable results within 1-3 years. GMAC wants proposals which will impact management education either globally or in a certain region.

For complete details of the GMAC MET Fund Ideas to Innovation Challenge visit ».

Based on information from GMAC (The Graduate Management Admission Council that administers the GMAT exam). Read more at »