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“Digital Talking Book” for Visually Impared GMAT Students

Posted: Nov 2, 2010

Visually Impaired Students Now Using “Digital Talking Book” Official GMAT Study Guide Series.

The Official Guide for the GMAT Review series of test-preparation books is now available in a “digital talking book” format. It has been designed to help people with visual impairments and reading-based disabilities to prepare for the GMAT.

The new “digital talking books” provides identical content to the standard GMAT material published by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). The new material is based on the Daisy (Digital Accessible Information System) standard, an internationally recognized set of specifications.

Kendra Johnson, director of GMAT test accommodations for GMAC, expressing the determination of GMAC to help anyone interested in business education, said, “we are very excited to be able to tap the latest advances in accessible technology to make our GMAT study guides available to people with visual impairments.”

Some of the innovations which the user can use include: - A synthesized voice that reads any portion of text, at the will of the user, to provide audio descriptions of, for example, geometric figures or quantitative details. - The capacity to control the speed of the computer’s voice. - Text and image magnification to many times their normal size.

The digital talking book editions of the Official Guide series is available at the same price as the printed versions of the guides. Contact for further information.

To view a video about the digital talking books, please visit the GMAC News Center (

Based on information from GMAC (The Graduate Management Admission Council that administers the GMAT exam). Read more at ».