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Coming Soon: Next Generation of GMAT Exam

Posted: Sep 2, 2010

Global Business School Exam GMAT to Introduce Innovative New Questions in June 2012.

Surveys of business school faculties conducted during the past four years by GMAC have resulted in the decision to add an innovative new section to the GMAT designed to measure the test-taker’s ability to evaluate information from multiple sources. Called the „Integrated Reasoning Section“, it will indicate to business schools how well candidates can cope with complex situations common to the modern information-rich business environment.

These integrated reasoning questions will include information from multiple sources: e.g. charts, graphs, and spreadsheets. In a similar way to business schools, test-takers will be asked to analyze information, draw conclusions and discern relationships between data points. Dave Wilson, president and CEO of GMAC, states that the new questions will provide vital information to schools about the ability of prospective students to make sound decisions by evaluating, assimilating or extrapolating data.

In order to maintain the overall length of the exam, the new questions will replace one of the existing AWA tasks, and take up 30 min in total, so the exam will remain 3.5 hours. Admissions officers have stated, and GMAC research has shown, that performance on the essays is closely aligned, making a single essay acceptable for predicting performance.

The GMAT’s verbal and quantitative sections will not change. As a result, when the new section is introduced in June 2012, tests will be scored on the same 200–800 scale. Test takers will receive separate scores including the essay - as now – and the new integrated reasoning section.

Based on information from GMAC (The Graduate Management Admission Council that administers the GMAT exam). Read more at ».