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Beijing Court Upholds GMAT copyright protection in China.  »

Posted: Feb 19, 2010

GMAC's right to protect it's GMAT exam from copyright infringement has been upheld by the Beijing No.1 Intermediate People's Court.

The case arose as GMAC seeks to stop Beijing Passion Consultancy Ltd. (BPC) from using copyrighted GMAT material on its website, as well as charging a fee for it as part of its teaching course, among other

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GMAT registration levels hit a record high in 2009 »

Posted: Feb 10, 2010

At 301 800, it was higher than any year since the creation of the exam in 1954. The previous high, in 2008, was 298,734 with the 2007 figure being 270,724 registrations.

Based on a press release by the The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC). Read more at

New 2010 Criteria for GMAT from GMAC »

Posted: Jan 15, 2010

If you are interested in the latest criteria from GMAC (The Graduate Management Admission Council), why not download their latest GMAT Information Bulletin (PDF).

New Textbooks for our CAE and GMAT Courses »

Posted: Jan 2, 2010

New textbook for GMAT

This year we will be offering a choice of two different GMAT Preparation Coursebooks to follow during the course. Textbooks are included in our complete course package. In addition to the Princeton Review’s “Cracking The GMAT”, which has served us well in the past, we will put forward the Kaplan “GMAT Premier Program” as a new textbook. Both of these coursebooks cover the comprehensive knowledge and practice required to score highly, but they have a slightly different methodology, which offers the student a welcome choice. Upon meeting with us for a consultation, we will explain the differences to help you decide which you are more comfortable with. It goes without saying that these two options both keep 100% up-to-date with changes made to the exam by GMAC.

New textbook CAE

We have decided to follow the GOLD textbooks published by Longman in our CAE prep courses. We found that these textbooks are one of the best on the market.

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European Business School Deans Declare GMAT as Essential »

Posted: Nov 2, 2009

In a press release by The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), it is stated that a consortium of Europe's most prestigious business school deans have declared the GMAT as the best tool to improve the admissions process to European MBA schools. An independently conducted GMAT Validation Study conducted in Europe has shown the GMAT to be suitable for Europe, despite it being an American exam.

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