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This FAQ includes information about what the GMAT test covers, where to take the test in the Czech Republic, how to register, the scoring method, uses of this test, etc. Please see details about our GMAT Preparation Course.

What is the GMAT test?

The GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test. It is a standardized test, which is administered by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) at certified locations throughout the world. The GMAT exam evaluates the candidate's level of knowledge in the area of mathematics, analytical thinking, and the use of the English language. The result is an international measure that helps predict the candidate's ability to succeed in graduate business studies.

GMAT is required by programs of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) as a part of their admission application process in schools all over the world. The GMAT score is also often used for admission to other graduate management and business programs.

  • Please see a list of the schools which use the GMAT scores as a part of their admission process.
  • GMAT has a form of multiple-choice test.
  • GMAT is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) which means you take the test on a computer (for more details see What is CAT? below).
  • GMAT results are given in number score – the minimum score is 200 and the possible maximum is 800.

Is GMAT required in the EU?

All top business schools require GMAT or an equivalent certificate, depending on the course being applied for. A good example is INSEAD, in France, which currently has an average GMAT score from successful applicants of over 700. A consortium of deans from the EU’s most prestigious business schools are pushing to have GMAT used as the most effective tool to increase the quality and efficiency of MBA admissions in the EU. Remember that GMAT can also be required by some non-business courses.

Where can I take the GMAT exam in the Czech Republic?

There is only one test center in the Czech Republic:

Gopas - Počítačová škola
Kodaňská 46
Praha 10, 101 00

It is possible to book the time and date of the exam by contacting the test administrator: Eva Štefková,, 234 064 414.

You also have the option to take the GMAT exam at the Gopas' test center in Bratislava or at one of the centers located in Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Budapest, or other locations in Europe. You can find test center locations at

What is it like at the test center and what should I bring?

At the centre, you will be assigned an individual testing cubicle, providing full privacy. There is a video camera monitoring candidates during the test. You will need to bring your registration card and a valid ID with an actual photo and a signature. No other items are permitted, not even a calculator. You will be provided with plenty of paper, a pencil and a sharpener, by the test centre. The website provides additional details about what to expect on the test day.

What is the GMAT comprised of and how long is it?

In total the test takes 3 and a half hours to complete.

There are 3 sections to the GMAT:

  • Analytical writing
  • Quantitative reasoning (math)
  • Verbal reasoning

Details about each section:

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment Section - AWA

    These are 2 thirty-minute essays on topics which you will be given. The scores for each are combined to be a minimum of 1 and increasing by half points to a maximum of 6 points. These points do not count towards the total GMAT score. But if a candidate has a below average score on the verbal section, their AWA score may become even more significant. However, the result is taken into consideration by business schools during their admission process. The topics for both essays are from a variety of topics:

    • The influence of technology on business
    • Labour and employment issues
    • Social and cultural values
    • Productivity/ efficiency/ teamwork
    • Government and the legal systems
    • Business ethics
    • Globalization

    The essays should be written according to the classic structure and should be between 400-700 words in length.

  2. Quantitative Reasoning Section

    This is a 75-minute, 37 question math test split into 2 types of questions: Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving, mixed throughout the section. All the questions are multiple choice and count half way to a final scaled score.

  3. Verbal Reasoning Section

    This is a 75-minute, 41 question test designed to assess your knowledge of advanced English language usage. The questions are divided into 3 formats: Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, and Critical Reasoning, and are mixed randomly throughout the section. All the questions are multiple choice and count half way to a final scaled score.

In total you will be answering 78 multiple choice questions from the Quantitative and Verbal sections combined, in two and a half hours. You will be offered an optional 10 minute break between the two Reasoning sections.

What is the GMAT CAT?

CAT stands for Computer-Adaptive Test. The idea is simple; as test takers answer questions, the computer chooses the next question from a large database according to the success or failure of the test taker on the previous question. As you advance in the test, the computer hones in on your exact level. In theory, no two tests are ever the same. The GMAT has been available in the CAT format since 1999.

How does the CAT work?

On the computer screen, one question is shown at a time. The first questions are average in difficulty. As you answer the questions, the following questions will be either slightly more or less difficult, depending on whether or not you answer correctly. The more difficult questions you answer, the higher your score will be.

It is important to realize that the first questions are worth more points than the final questions.

What is the GMAT CBT?

CBT stands for Computer-Based-Testing and involves multiple-choice questions being answered only on computers. To choose an answer, simply click on the appropriate answer. You will be asked to confirm your choice on the GMAT, but still be careful because you cannot go back to change your answer.

What are the advantages of CBT over paper tests?
  • Immediately upon completion of the GMAT CBT, you will know your score.
  • No two GMAT CBTs are alike and the score exactly represents your level of ability.
  • If you don't like the score, you can cancel it right after finishing the exam. This score will be canceled and will not be reported as an official GMAT score. You have the opportunity to take the test again at another time.
Can I skip a question on the GMAT?

No, the GMAT is completely computer-based, and will not allow you to answer the next question until you choose one for the question you are on.

Do I need good computer skills?

There will be a tutorial at the beginning of the exam to prepare you to navigate through the GMAT. There is no need to be an expert with the keyboard, but since the GMAT requires candidates to type 2 essays within 60 minutes, some practice is recommended.

What is the range of possible GMAT scores?

There is no pass or fail on the GMAT. The minimum score is 200 and the maximum is 800. The average score internationally is slightly over 500. Some business schools have a minimum GMAT score requirement for admission, the most prestigious schools require a score of over 700.

The scores you will receive are:

  • Your total
  • Two sub-scores: 1 for the Quantitative and 1 for the Verbal
  • A percentile comparison with other test takers

What is a "good" GMAT score?

This depends on which business school you are applying to, but typically there is no cut-off point. Depending on your previous work experience and achievements, along with your GPA, the GMAT score is a balancing consideration.

In the US, the top Ivy League schools report an average score above 700. More average US universities claim an average of 550, which is slightly higher than the global GMAT average score.

What score should I aim for?

This depends on a few key questions:

  • Which business schools are you applying to? Is there a required minimum score?
  • What is the average GMAT score for candidates accepted at those schools for the course you are applying for?
  • How much time and energy are you really able to commit in your preparation for the GMAT?

For how long is my GMAT score valid?

The standard is 5 years. It is, however, worth checking on the websites of the business schools you are applying to.

Is there a limit to how many times I can take the GMAT?

It is possible to take the test as many times as you like. It is important to remember though, that many business schools will average candidate’s scores.

One important part of the test is how you feel on the day. Occasionally test takers have a bad day, which is why GMAC made it possible for you to cancel the score immediately after taking the test, if you know you did badly. In such a case, business schools will not know your score.

What is the best method of preparation for the GMAT?

The GMAT CAT is probably different to any exam you’ve taken before. It is designed to be awkward and extremely difficult for both native and non-native English speakers. Bearing this in mind, we recommend a structured, internationally recognized course, ideally one-to-one with an experienced and GMAT-savvy teacher. An absolute minimum of time investment is 50 hours in preparation time, which is possible only for those, who are very confident in math.

We at provide individual and small group GMAT preparation courses (maximum 3 students per class).

  • Our comprehensive GMAT prep courses cover all areas of knowledge that are tested in the GMAT exam.
  • These are intensive courses with an experienced teacher, plus additional 20 hours of self-study.
  • Our prep courses are open to anyone willing to join it.
  • The only condition is taking a free Assessment test in advance of the course. The test helps us evaluate your level of English (it is necessary to be Intermediate at least), your ability of logical thinking and solving basic mathematical problems.
  • All other knowledge needed for success in the GMAT will be covered in the course.
  • Due to the difficulty of the English language involved, we may recommend a foundation course to boost your level of English if you are below intermediate.

How can the GMAT help my CV?

As well as giving admissions professionals a standard measuring tool, the GMAT exam is given under precisely the same conditions internationally. This objective measure of your skills can tip the balance of opinion in your favour in the eyes of business professionals.


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